The following is a list of our most frequently asked online questions. Click on a question to view the answer. Should you not find the answer to your question, then please send your question to us from our contact page.

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What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?
Standard delivery charges on workstations are $45.  Depending on your order, charges will be calculated upon checkout.
Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?
Although we prefer check payments, we do accept credit card payments with the addition of a small fee. We also accept Payapl, and most major credit cards.
How long will delivery take?
Typical turn around for most orders are about 2 weeks, please remember we conduct very extensive testing on our systems and ensure if there are any issues we resolve them before you receive your system.
How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?
We utilize Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on all of our online transactions.  Your data is safe!
What exactly happens after ordering?
After ordering, our team will begin the assembly of your workstation, all our hardware is hand picked, premium components ensuring solid performance and long lasting use. After assembly,  We burn in our systems for a minimum of 72 hours for the following components, RAM, CPU, GPU, PSU, and HDD.  If anything is going to fail, it will fail during our extreme conditions portion of the test where ambient air intake temperatures can reach 95 degrees! We also utilize 24CT diamond thermal compound on our CPU and GPU to ensure the coolest operation possible!
Do I receive an invoice for my order?
Once your place your order, you will recieve an invoice via email.