Experience the DvNT difference!


DVNT Technologies specializes in creating custom-built workstations for digital artists working in film and television, games, and many other markets in the DCC industry. For over a decade we have worked with individuals, studios, schools and more to deliver the most powerful custom workstation with the performance digital artists need while staying within their budget. We take the time to benchmark and test our products, ensuring that you receive the reliability and performance you need.

Whether you’re looking for a custom VFX Workstation, RED Workstation, Storage Systems, or other unique configurations, have a look at our product pages or contact us for a free consultation to discuss your unique needs.

We take pride at DvNT Technologies in providing the industries fastest, stable, and quietest available.

For over 10 years we have been doing our homework and know what works, and what doesn’t.  We bring that knowledge to the table when it comes to our workstations!  Every aspect of our systems are thought through and every detail discussed to make sure your clients are getting the best possible solution.

Please contact us for information about our VFX and Animation workstations.

Certified Hardware

This aspect is a major differentiation between us and your average system builder.

Our systems achieve the high level of stability by utilizing certified custom BIOS/FIRMWARE/DRIVERS that we have determined to work in harmony with all major software vendor applications such as

  • Maya
  • 3DS Max
  • MODO
  • MARI
  • NUKE
  • Photoshop
  • Realflow
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Scratch
  • And many more!

This combination of hardware and firmware allows for the most stable operation even in the most demanding environment.

High Quality Components

All of our workstations are built with quality in mind.  No cheap components!

By using the only the best hardware, we can ensure long lasting operation and stability minimizing any downtime.


72 hour burn in on CPU, GPU, HDD, PSU

All of our systems endure the most rigorous burn in process in the industry. For 72 hours straight, the systems endure 100% load on all components, seeking to weed out any possible imminent failure on hardware. We ensure if there was going to be a failed component, we will catch it before you receive your system.

Quiet Computing

We engineer our system to be the Quietest in the industry.  With the amount of heat generated with CPU and GPU based rendering, systems can get loud.  Our system are engineered for quiet computing regardless of system load by utilizing a combination of techniques such as high flow low speed fans, and 24CT Diamond thermal compound, and Front to back airflow chassis design.

Together we have created the quietest workstations ever!

No Bloatware!

No Bloatware! We do not install any “trial software” on our systems.  Only the base OS, along with a few “system level” utilities such as VLC, Quicktime, 7Zip, Microsoft Security Essentials, DVD playback software, Disc burning.


If you don’t want anything installed other than a base OS, please let us know during the ordering process.