Peg Heads – Trailer

Our friends at Laser Pegs just released their first trailer for their Peg Heads series and it looks amazing! Earlier this year we had the opportunity to work with Jon and his team providing multiple solutions to their specific needs. Here’s what Jon had to say about his experience working with DVNT:


After initially reaching out to a big industry vendor for my render farm needs, I was presented with a solution that just didn’t seem right, they never even asked what we were doing,or our actual needs, and yet provided a quote for the hardware. That’s when we reached out to DvNT technologies.

After a thorough pipeline consultation about our specific needs, Saham and his team provided an end to end solution that exceeded our expectations while staying within my budget.

DVNT Technologies provided everything from our animation workstations, storage and server solutions, an amazingly powerful render farm that my animators continue to thank me for, post install support and more. They even provided onsite pre-production workflow consultation from an industry veteran that helped us create our first animated short film which kicked off the 52, 11 minute episodes we are currently working on.

The DVNT team’s breadth of knowledge and excellent support is unmatched and their work has been a major factor in or animation department’s success, helping us tell our stories through animation. I can confidently recommend DVNT Technologies as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in their field.”

-Jon Capriola, Lead Designer at Laser Pegs Ventures LLC

Check out the cool trailer below!