Personalized Training Feedback

DVNT recently received an email from David Brenninkmeyer, an artist in Europe that received personalized training from us several months ago, and we wanted to share his feedback about his training sessions with our creative specialist, William Vaughan.

“William Vaughan’s one-on-one modeling workshop was the best training I’ve received. His passion and dedication for 3D modeling make him a brilliant teacher, who is able to motivate his students. The knowledge he shares and the way he is teaching reflect his years of professional experience as well as his enthusiasm for teaching. He cares about his students to succeed and doesn’t only teach the technical skills, but also shapes your mindset of what it means to be a 3D modeler.

Getting in touch with DVNT and organizing the training sessions was very uncomplicated. During William’s training he will show you a wide range of modeling techniques to produce characters with efficient topology, which are production ready. After every training session you will get an assignment for which you will receive professional feedback. The training is designed flexibly and every lesson builds on top of the previous. This gives the training a fluid and progressive feeling. You will continue to develop your skills and your mind on what it means to be a modeler in a production environment. A great addition is that his training can be translated to any 3D modeling package and you still get the maximum out of his workshop.

Everyone who has the chance to take his one-on-one workshop should do it. Having a teacher with such a great knowledge base and experience is extremely rare. So be prepared to improve your skills and get the mindset of being a 3D modeler. I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with William in the future.”

– David Brenninkmeyer, Junior Modeler at bei arx anim